Artin Borna Tehran Company

Artin Borna Tehran Co. a trading company-supported by 30 years of its managers’ knowledge and experience in the field of foreign trade, with the aim of providing commercial services and
distinguished products was established in 2008. The company vision is to provide business parties a mutual beneficial value and make effort to raise continuous customers’ satisfaction. The
company using its vast international network in the field of import and export, has ability to provide business services as well as supply of raw materials and
production lines accessories in
rubber and plastic industry, industrial machinery and also supplying traffic products, urban furniture and also importing cosmetic products.


The third decade of the 21st century is the scene of fundamental changes in global trade practices, and the rapid growth of technology has brought us far-reaching changes in common business
routines. We (Artin Borna Tehran), consider ourselves as a part of this global business community that is changing rapidly.
How we adapt ourselves with these changes, determines our success as an organization that is able to meet the demands of its customers based on the latest technologies and better efficiency.
Our ability to respond to customers’ demands and priorities, as well as flexibility in the presence of uncertainties in the market conditions, determines our position as an optimal solution provider
for customers across the country and the Middle East. Artin Borna Tehran is always grateful for the support of its valued customers and all its interested parties (stakeholders) and will certainly be
in efficient thinking and continuous effort to provide the best and possible services for our business partners and customers throughout Middle East and beyond.